about the light

You need to know the type of light in which the proposed make-up will be seen, this is important when deciding upon the correct choice of make-up colors, because the appearance of color may change according to the type of light. Is the make-up to be seen in daylight, in a fluorescent light or incandescent light

For example, an incandescent light or filament produces a much more yellowy light than a fluorescent or neon light. This should be taken in to consideration in choosing her make-up to be used.

The following lighting conditions and most common types of bulb are:

1. Daylight
When white light falls on an object, it absorbs some color and reflect other color; it is the reflected color that we see. Thus, an object that we see as red is an object that absorbs the colors in white light except red. A White object that reflect most of the light that fall upon it; a black object absorbs most of the light that fall on it.Subtle colors should be chosen as daylight intensives color

2. Incandescent light
Evening make-up is usually seen in incandescent light; produced by filament lamp. This produces an excess of red and yellow light, which create a warm, flattering effect. Almost all colors can be use in this light, except that brown and purples will appear darker. Choose a lighter foundation than normal to reflect the light, and use frosted high lighting products where possible for the same reason. Evening make-up will appear very obvious and dramatic in daylightBrown and purple should be avoided, as these will appear darker. Most other color can be worn

3. Fluorescent light
If make-up is to be worn in the office, it will probably be seen under fluorescent light. This contain an excess of blue and green, which have a cool effect on the make-up, the red in the face does not show up and the face can look drained of color.Red, yellow and dark colors should be avoided as fluorescent light intensive them; blue tones should be chosen


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